Fidelity Digital Assets leases 10 additional Blockchain

Fidelity Digital Assets, the encrypted headquarters of the main asset manager, expands its team with 10 new block professionals.

Within the last two days, new positions can play a number of managerial roles, including vice president, director, and senior software engineer, as well as non-executive positions such as blockchain software developer, product designer, and others.

Some of these works, including the vice-president and an engineer, have been waiting for May, but they have been repeated again. However, since then, Fidelity has obviously expanded its rental plans.

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The highest ranked position is one of the leading solution architects, who is vice president, who will be the chief technology officer of the digital device unit. The new VP is responsible for “designing, architecture and transporting the new platform, maintaining existing platforms” and meeting Fidelity’s cyber security and technology standards.

A successful candidate must have “practical experience on public block platforms such as bitcoin or ethereum and / or private block platforms,” ​​says job description.

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