The best ways to travel with Paintball Gear


It's really important to appear at the tournament and find out that your electronic basket has been damaged during the trip. This fiasco threw games for many teams that were not as busy as they should be during packaging. Your paintball equipment is too valuable to simply throw a giant unorganized sailor bag. Good players pay thousands of dollars on specialized equipment; the dented barrel on the paintball gun for $ 1500 is not neglected. A traveling paintballer must juggle not only packing the right amount of the right materials, but also packing them in a safe, protected way. The solution is to choose the right size of the bag for the length of the journey you take and what equipment you will need. In addition to the bag specific to your marker, there are basically three types / sizes of bags.

A paintball backpack is comparable in size and shape to school backpacks or a daily backpack used by walking tourists, but specializing in the wear of paintball equipment. These bags are best suited for carrying the necessary things in the field and back, but they rarely have enough room to change clothes or even uniforms of competition. It is good to have a paintball backpack just to keep your important equipment together (but separated from soft items) when traveling for a long time. Larger sailor-style bags, called paintball bags, often contain not only gaming equipment, but also clothing, uniforms and toiletries. These bags are the best choice for night trips lasting several days and available in various sizes. Some of them are more equipped than others to travel by plane, but it's better to carry everything you need while driving to a party. The best suits for traveling by plane are suitcases. They are similar in size to the paintball equipment bags, but they have a hard outer shell or a heavier canvas type fabric. Paintball coveralls provide the best protection for your equipment so that they can be safely operated by airlines.

When shopping for a travel bag, it is best to shop at a paintball shop. In fact, you can use any bag to transport paintball equipment, but not using specialized equipment can make you angry and get stuck at the party. The main difference between standard backpacks and traveling bags and paintball bags are bags designed for paintball with special features. Paintball backpacks, tool bags and suitcases have Velcro straps inside to attach consumables and protect them during transport. The best paintball bags have compartments that help to separate clothing and protect against dirty or moist materials. The Paintball travel bags are also comparable in cost with other similar types of standard bags.

It is also important to realize that some items of equipment may have specific requirements, which makes them safer to travel. Your paintball mask should, for example, be packaged carefully. Many paintball masks are made of flexible plastic surrounding the lens, which are often easily deformed when packaged in a bag with everything else. If this happens or you scratch the lenses, you'll be distracted all day because of uncomfortable eye protection, and the game will not be so much fun. Transporting a paintball mask is best done with a good velvet soft bag and / or hard goggle. Although this is another baggage to carry with you, it's the best way to store and wear paintball glasses without distorting the plastic or scratching the lens.

Transporting a paintball air tank is probably the most difficult piece of equipment. If you fly, you can only travel with an empty air tank; you can not fly with a full tank of compressed air, because it will become a bomb and it is illegal. However, you can drive with a full air tank. The best compressed air paintball tanks cost more than $ 200, so even the smallest scratches or the smallest cracks can be a broken heart. The best advice is always to carry an empty air tank in a solid rubberized tank lid, then wrap the whole in a bubble wrap and pack your clothes or a trouser leg in a paintball uniform. The electronic tank is an important piece of equipment that will determine the performance of your gun. There are not too many protective cases designed specifically for paintball loaders, but some brands are attached to them. It is best to find the right plastic container with the right size to safely store and transport the charger, especially if you have paid a lot for it. During transport (and storage), it is best to remove the batteries from electronic containers to avoid potential disaster caused by leakage.

Moving a paintball gun in a separate box is the smartest way. For full protection, a hard case is the best choice and will ensure the safety of the marker. Unless you use a full-size rifle case, most paintball gun cases are quite compact and fit well in a larger bag or equipment bag. If you do not have access to a hard case, you can opt for a soft side case, but it should also be wrapped in jersey and / or paintball pants for maximum protection. When packing, always separate the barrel from the gun, pack them in the padding and preferably together. Some barrels for markers have their own case and they are useful for safe travel. If you are flying to a stage woodball party, it is not recommended to wear a realistic military paintball gun through the airport or plane. Due to the large confusion in the world and the additional security at the airports, a real assault rifle will certainly raise an eyebrow and probably confiscate.


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